On the eve of the 100th match in the Champions League, Arjen Robben has shared his past career, including the decision to leave Real Madrid in 2009.

Sau 8 năm, điều Robben nuối tiếc nhất khi rời Real Madrid là gì?

In a recent special interview with UEFA.com, the Dutch star revealed what he regretted the most after two Real Madrid seasons, 2007-2009. Accordingly, Arjen Robben set a goal with the White Vulture brought back to the traditional La Decima championship but could not do this before leaving the Santiago Bernabeu.

“Real Madrid is a great team, especially with performances in Europe. My goal at the time was to win the tenth league championship in the continental tournament and it was a big dream for me. I played there for 2 years but could not reach my goal in that time period. When I left, I felt like this was a step back in my career.

“It was a long time for Bayern to find success in Europe and my goal was to play in the highest level and win the Champions League. It’s always been my dream as a professional player, “Robben said.