The Brazilian team is on the verge of being beaten by Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia. However, coach Tite confirmed that will prepare the best when the 2018 World Cup.

HLV Brazil: ‘Chúng tôi là ứng viên cho cúp vàng World Cup’

“We are the candidate for the World Cup,” said the captain of the Brazilian team. However, many other strong teams are also aspiring to win the title. ”

Leaf visit to the team Samba country with E table with Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia. These rivals are not considered to be counterbalances to the army led by Tite.

On the journey to win the 2018 World Cup finals, Brazil competes and claims to be number one in South America. Selecao topped the gap with Uruguay up to 10 points (41 vs. 31).

“We still need to improve our tactics and prepare for the World Cup in 2018. Brazil needs action to address the pressure and expectations,” Tite said.

The captain of the Brazilian team has confirmed that they will be preparing for the group stages as well as the English and Spanish matches – two of whom are also considered candidates for the World Cup.


The first round of the World Cup 2018 Tite teacher coach meeting with Switzerland at Rostov Arena in Rostov-on-Don city, Russia on 17 June next year.