Juventus have filed a lawsuit against Liga 1, Juventus Bucharest for trademark infringement.

Juventus quyết kiện đội bóng Romania vì 'đạo nhái'

Juventus Bucharest (JB) have just started playing in Liga 1 this season. This is a pretty young team of Romanian football, when it was just formed in 1992 and now they are also ranked the table with a victory early in the season.

However, the problem has come to JB, because in addition to the name of Juventus, their logo is used also design very similar to the old logo of Mrs. Dam. The differences in these two logos are just in color, and the familiar zebra shape has been modified.

Speaking of similarities, Romanian football expert Emanuel Roşu explained: “Before World War II, there was a club called Juventus Bucharest who used only this name. No problem, because Juventus Bucharest are just a small team. ”

According to the latest information, to avoid the legal trouble, JB is also carrying out procedures to change the name. In particular, the new name was chosen by Romanian team FC Colentina.