In the pictures before the end of his Miss Universe Vietnam, Pham Huong showed grace in a splendid evening gown with a crown of power.

Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 is coming to an end as Pham Huong prepares to return the crown she has held for the past two years. According to the comments from many people, her term is considered very successful compared to the previous Miss. Because in the past two years, The Face 2016 coach has not only left a good impression of volunteering in every part of the country, but has always conveyed confidence, effort and devotion to passions through. The programs that we contribute. Most recently, when I joined Miss Universe Vietnam and The Look 2017, she continued to receive much interest from the audience.

She received a lot of sympathy from the public thanks to her meaningful activities
Pham Huong also received much applause from the crown of a queen on her personal page: “The crown is attached with crystal or diamond, the light of the crystal or diamond can not radiate. out of the aura. Oh, that’s the light of self. ”
It is known that the beauty has recently completed the final photo with the crown before the Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 final. Pham Huong has chosen to show the fresh, full of energy but no less. weight and power when the team over the crown pearl expensive.

At present, Pham Huong’s image appears dense in the media as she participates in two reality shows being broadcasted at the same time as I am Miss Universe Vietnam and The Look 2017.

Coming here, she is busy with many meaningful volunteer work as well as organizing exchanges with her fans. Meanwhile, Pham Huong will also spend his New Year’s holiday in the US in the near future