President wants to create opportunities for the young talents of Spain, President Flo Perez has been thinking about selling midfielder Toni Kroos.

At the present time, Toni Kroos is considered one of the most regulated midfield in the world. At the Bernabeu, the German star has shown great influence, helping Real Madrid win two Champions League titles. With coach Zidane, this is an irreplaceable player.

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However, the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez again did not think so! The owner of the White House said it was a good time to think about selling Toni Kroos.

In particular, according to Diario Gol, Flo Perez wants to offer more opportunities for young Spanish talents such as Marcos Llorente or Dani Ceballos, a new player to be picked up by Real in the summer. from Real Betis. With that plan, the Vulture boss is ready to wait for the invitation for Toni Kroos.

Toni Kroos, 27, is still at the peak of his career. So, if the German midfielder sells at this moment, the Royal Spanish team can earn huge amounts from 60-80 million pounds. With that money, Vultures can invest in attacks.

Flo Perez’s idea of ​​selling Toni Kroos was not unexpected because for many years, this leader was oriented to build Real Madrid based on the Spanish players. Currently, there are 11 Spanish nationals in the Los Blancos squad.

With talent show in Bayern, Real Madrid and Germany, Toni Kroos is the midfield form that any team wants to own. There are many big teams ready to pay for German stars such as Man Utd, Man City, Bayern Munich or PSG.