Recent disclosure from Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness shows the hidden corner in coach Carlo Ancelotti’s work at the German club.

Carlo Ancelotti was sacked by Bayern Munich after a 0-3 defeat to PSG in the second round of the Champions League group stage. Bayern Munich stars Boateng, Robben, Thomas Muller, … are behind the dismissal of Carlo Ancelotti.

3a 1-2114-0804-2027Ancelotti fired because of assistant.

But recently Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness has admitted that the German coach has no problem with the club. The problem is with his assistants: “Coach Carlo Ancelotti’s assistants are inadequate, and every day there is a quarrel between the coaches, the club doctor and his assistants. Individual Carlo Ancelotti has no problem with us and the club.

His assistants throughout the day argue about the players on the bench and where they sit. This seems to be more important than the battle ahead. This creates a bad environment for the club to develop. So we have to make a decision. ”

Ancelotti, who has stated he wants to take a break before returning to the club, has repeatedly received calls from some clubs (AC Milan, Everton …) and the midfield team, in which the latest is the Italian and Croatian Football Federation. Trust sources said the offer was not “really attractive.”