Huge fans – who previously benefited from free downloads, have now become key fighters in digital music theft. The music industry is possessing a secret weapon in the face of theft in the Internet age and social networking: the fan base.

Đây là người giúp Taylor Swift trong công cuộc chống trộm nhạc số-1True fans are the ones who help “Reputation ‘” safe.

When the tracklist of Taylor Swift was posted online before the release date, if you want to see the full list of songs must be fast, because the Swifties – the common name for the singer of the singer, agreed to sing. Call ‘report’ who dare to post.

‘The fans’ army is deeply concerned about the artist’s interest and initiative in observing the unauthorized product,’ said the representative of the US recording industry association RIAA. “This is a good sign of modern-day thinking, they show respect for the artist.

Đây là người giúp Taylor Swift trong công cuộc chống trộm nhạc số-2“Reputation” sold 1.2 million copies in the first week, largely thanks to fans.

Reputation was sold in the first week with an impressive number: 1.2 million in the US, helping Taylor Swift set new records in the music industry.

Đây là người giúp Taylor Swift trong công cuộc chống trộm nhạc số-3Taylor Swift himself is also active in anti-smuggling

Before Reputation was released, the blockade was outlined. Artists, directors, record labels, and global business groups are on the look out for anti-theft, especially for Taylor Swift products. In addition, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have also been ordered to block unauthorized music downloads and to remove any copyright infringement.

For big releases like Taylor’s album, we always watch before the 24/7 schedule, even when the album is released, we continue to review in the first weeks, or longer, It depends on how often the product appears on unauthorized music sites. ‘ – industry experts said.

In addition to relying on the fans, the tactics surrounding ‘leak’ prevention include legal remedies, and work closely with advertisers. Accordingly, they will stop advertising on the music site to reduce revenue from these services.

Đây là người giúp Taylor Swift trong công cuộc chống trộm nhạc số-4Taylor has a long battle with Spotify

Taylor Swift is currently taking a strong approach to restricting her album from appearing online streaming services, which are typically Spotify. The singer is willing to stop the sabotage and profiteering of music from here.

Speaking about copyright protection, a commentator in the industry said: ‘The more restrictive you are, the more illegal you are.’ But maybe that is the story ‘old as dad’ then because the music player today has become much more civilized. Respect the law, respect the artist! Anyway, more than anyone else, Taylor Swift has to thank the loyal and ‘loyal’ fans as well.