The conversations of Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard on BT Sports’s special Thanksgiving special is one of the most talked about. You can not ignore it! Three former England players together explained why a generation of highly regarded England in the past could not reap the titles as expected. Why did that generation fail?

Rio begins with the story of his rift between him and Lampard. “I used to write a chapter in my book about Frank, we grew up in West Ham, and then we went each other, I went to United and Frank went to Chelsea.” From 16 to 21, We did everything together, we stayed in the room, went out together, … But when I came to Manchester United and Frank to Chelsea, we did not talk anymore, just stopped talking. I wrote about this at the end of my career before the book was published, I sent it to Frank and asked if he would agree to let me tell this story Frank sent a message saying that if he Also wrote a chapter about me, the content is exactly the same.We do not hate each other, I simply do not like to see Frank in the Chelsea shirt and won the trophy I That’s a winning obsession, now we’re talking normally. Frank was there for my birthday one day. Looking back, what sport has impacted on a real personal relationship? . This is crazy. All is just by winning obsession. ”

The haunting title, the desire for the title, the fierce competition – are these so familiar phrases when we describe the Premier League? The league is proud of that, but they themselves have become a drag on the Rio, Frank or Steven do not have the highest cohesion and spirit in England (all three talk about the words “bond” and “spirit”). British players are not at odds with the club at the club level and desperately wanting to make a contribution to the national team. They are thinking about the situation at club level. Every time he went out into the tunnel with Rio or Neville, he felt like hating them and just wanted to beat them. As well as the logo of the Kop shared that he felt the enthusiasm of Coutinho every time Brazilian players are back to focus. For Coutinho in particular, or other foreign players generally playing in the Premier League, the period of time for recruitment is worth the price and how proud. Frank believes that players in other football backgrounds do not have the same fierce competition as the English players in the Premier League.

Rio compares England to Spain or Germany, and emphasizes how the players of these two football clubs, despite their hostility at the club level, would have to fight back when they returned to the squad. the highest in a shirt. Former defender Mancini has revealed something he considers ridiculous about each of the England squad, and when it comes to eating together, the players are lined up separately – the table for the players. MU, Chelsea table, Liverpool table … while in many other teams, the players sit at a big table together.

All three said that another problem is that England in the past did not have coaches with clear philosophy or courage. Rio’s “golden generation” now owns the best midfielders in the world (Lampard, Gerrard, Beckham, Scholes, Hargreaves, Carrick, …) Rigid, without knowing how to maximize the individual’s talents. Gerrard added that he had never felt the highest level of consistency and consistency in English football, and felt England was a disruptive team. Lampard never felt he was comfortable and interested in the World Cup because it only brought sad memories to him.

In the end, all three hope that the current generation will not be like the older ones. The good thing now is that the youngsters have been able to win big titles together at the same time, and hope they will remain in the future, as well as the hostility, the Competition at the club level affects the bond and spirit of England